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HEC Enviro India Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned company specialized in advance engineering and technology solutions for government and semi-government organizations. Established in 2003, under the visionary leadership, we have dedicated ourselves to provide comprehensive urban and rural infrastructure solutions. Our expertise lies in areas such as sewerage management, solid waste management, and roads Infrastructure primarily catering to national and international needs. With a strong focus on delivering innovative and sustainable solutions, we have earned a reputation for excellence in our field.

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Onsite Sludge Dewatering Systems - The Liberation of Sanitation Workers

Our story begins with a profound challenge of the hazardous practice of manual scavenging. It was a difficult and dehumanizing task that cried out for an innovative solution. In answer to this call, HEC introduced its Mobile Sludge Dewatering Treatment System with International standards, also aligning seamlessly with the Swachh Bharat Mission guidelines. HEC's ingenious system efficiently separated liquid from solids, resulting in a substantial reduction in sludge volume. It wasn't just a technological innovation; it was a restoration of dignity for sanitation workers.

Stationary Sludge Dewatering System - Preserving Natural Beauty

Our journey ventured further as we turned our attention to the desludging of water bodies like lakes and ponds. Enter the Stationary Sludge Dewatering System—a stationary containerized unit that tackled the challenge of managing accumulated sludge and silt. It brilliantly separated water from solids, ensuring that only solids were transported for safe disposal for green environment.

Sludge Lime Stabilizer Plant - The Path to Safe Sludge Treatment

HEC recognized that sludge removed from septic tanks required responsible treatment. This led to the introduction of Sludge Lime Stabilizer Plant. This ingenious device automated the mixing of dewatered sludge with lime, effectively eliminating pathogens. The result? Treated dry sludge/compost that could be safely used on land and in agriculture, aligning seamlessly with environmental guidelines.

Plasma Units For Processing Non-Biodegradable/ Hazardous Waste - A Sustainable Approach to Waste Management

Our journey didn't stop at sanitation. We delved into waste management with the introduction of Plasma Units for Processing Non-Biodegradable/Hazardous Waste. These units were designed to process and reduce non-biodegradable and hazardous waste by up to 95%, converting it into non-toxic vapor and ash. This was a leap towards a cleaner, greener future, embracing sustainability beyond conventional methods.

High Suction- cum-Jetting dewatering Unit - Empowering Sewer Line Maintenance

Our "Drain Master Panthera" system, equipped with high suction, jetting, and dewatering capabilities, is a heavy-duty solution for sewer line and stormwater drain maintenance. It can desilt and clean underground drains while separating solids from liquids for efficient jetting or safe discharge.The equipment is capable of desilting and cleaning underground drain from upto a distance of 30 mts horizontally. Discover our innovative sewer maintenance arsenal, featuring specialized nozzles, sighted nozzles, pneumatic pipe plugs, flexible rods, chain cutters, and root cutters. These cutting-edge tools ensure efficient sewer system operation without the need for manual intervention.

Mechanical Back Rake Screens - Protecting Oceans and Water Bodies

Beyond sanitation, HEC's innovations contributed to the protection of oceans and water bodies. Specialized mechanical back rake screens played a crucial role in arresting and removing floating materials from water bodies, reducing ocean pollution in harbors and docks.

Trash Net/Trash rack for SWD out falls - Environmental Guardians, Preventing Ocean Pollution

Our dedication to ocean health continued with the introduction of Trash Net/Trash Rack systems that captured plastic and floating materials from stormwater outfalls, preventing them from reaching the sea.

Vinyl Sheet Pile - Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Our commitment to innovation extended to engineering solutions with Vinyl Sheet Piles, offering reliable protection against seepage and groundwater contamination. These solutions played a crucial role in preserving the environment and preventing contamination.

Geo Synthetic Products - Soil Stability and Erosion Control

Our range of Geo Synthetic Products found applications in highways, landfills, mines, railways, ports, and container yards. These products ensured soil stability and erosion control, contributing to sustainable development in multiple sectors.

Swing Loader - The Compact Cleaning Marvel

And finally, our journey brought us to the Swing Loader, a compact marvel designed for cleaning underground culverts and drainage structures. With its low height clearance and versatile capabilities, it efficiently cleaned silt and performed various tasks, proving invaluable in sanitation and drainage maintenance.

In conclusion, our product portfolio reflects a journey of innovation, commitment to sustainability, and pursuing a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable India. Each product is a testament to our dedication to shaping a brighter tomorrow and leaving a lasting positive impact on the nation and the world.

Ongoing Projects and Delivered Results

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Onsite Mobile Sludge Dewatering Units

Imagine a world where septic tanks are cleaned efficiently, and sanitation workers are safe. We've made it a reality in many Indian cities. We provide onsite mobile sludge dewatering solutions, ensuring the thorough cleaning of septic tanks while operating and maintaining them under long-term comprehensive contracts for our clients, including Local Bodies. It's a vital step towards safer and more hygienic sanitation.

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Back Rake Screens Installed in India

In the battle against water pollution, we've installed Back Rake Mechanical Screens in stormwater drain systems and nallas. These screens effectively capture Plastic/ trash/floating material, preventing it from entering oceans and reducing water pollution. It's a small step with a big impact on preserving our water ecosystems.

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Trash Net/Trash Rack Installed in Mumbai

In the bustling city of Mumbai, we've taken action to protect our water bodies. Trash Net/Trash Rack installations at stormwater outfalls are preventing trash, plastic and floating pollutants from contaminating our waters. It's a local solution with global implications for pollution prevention.

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Plasma Units For Processing Non-Biodegradable/Hazardous Waste

Waste reduction and sustainability are at the forefront of our efforts. We've installed Plasma-based thermal decomposition plants in India to process non-biodegradable and hazardous waste. These units transform waste matter down to its basic elements, reducing the burden on dumping grounds and offering a smarter, more eco-friendly alternative to traditional waste processing methods.

Vinyl Sheet Piles Installation

Our commitment to environmental protection extends to the periphery of landfill sites. We've undertaken a project to install vinyl sheet piles, creating a protective barrier that safeguards surrounding land and water bodies from toxic leachate seeping from accumulated waste. It's our way of ensuring that our waste doesn't harm our environment.

Swing Loader

In Mumbai, where space is at a premium, we've introduced the "Swing Loader" Equipment. This compact marvel navigates the most challenging terrains, cleaning inaccessible culverts and box drains. It not only removes silt efficiently but also performs various tasks, from loading and lifting silt to hauling payloads. Safety is paramount, with remote control capabilities keeping operators out of harm's way.

Sludge Lime Stabilizer Plant

Efficient sludge treatment is essential, and our Sludge Lime Stabilizer Plant delivers just that. It automatically mixes dewatered sludge with lime, creating sludge compost suitable for land and agriculture use. The process is controlled through a user-friendly panel, with minimal human intervention.

Antiflood services

In times of floods and heavy rains, HEC steps in to provide antiflood services. We swiftly respond to waterlogged low-lying areas, restoring transportation and commute services. It's about ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens during challenging times.

Navigating the Future: Hear from Our MD

Navigating the Future: Hear from Our MD

At HEC, we recognize that the pursuit of sustainable development is vital for the well-being of our planet and future generations. We firmly believe that responsible engineering and construction practices play a pivotal role in achieving this goal. Through our unwavering focus on sustainability, innovation, and excellence, we strive to be the catalysts of positive change, transforming urban & rural infrastructure into thriving hubs of eco-friendly infrastructure.

Sunil Saboo
Managing Director, HEC Enviro India Pvt. Ltd

Driving Change through Sustainability: Redefining Urban Infrastructure

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We believe that responsible environmental stewardship and sustainable practices are essential in shaping a better tomorrow



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